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YANG, Jin Seok
BaroArch Design Lab
SIG-DESICON (Design and Construction)

We are a group of architects, designers, academia, urban planners and other practitioners. The group seeks to share the member’s expertise in the field of any design-related subjects such as architecture, industrial design, animation industry or construction. It appreciates no limitation on creative and innovative thinking towards integrated building design and construction as well as the promotion of sustainability.

We aim to thrive on the challenge of ever-increasing demand of sophisticated but practical solution to the unprecedented climate of industries. We do not only firm up our specialties in the group via cross-talk on a regular basis but also collaborate with experts from other fields.

We always listen to and draw attention to an emerging agenda, which often requires in-depth studies and discussions. This attitude is very important to us in that it gives us a better opportunity to see where we are or where we ought to be in a future.

We welcome any enquires in relation to our expertise and are happy to see a new face join us.