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AHN, Sungil
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SIG-MO (Marine and Ocean)

The Special Interest Group-Marine and Ocean (SIG-MO) is one of the committees in the Korean Scientists and Engineers Association in the UK (KSEAUK). The purpose of SIG-MO is to build a network amongst members, to promote information sharing, to strengthen fellowship with the Korean scientific and technological field, and to contribute to the scientific and technological development of the shipbuilding, ocean and marine sectors.

To accomplish the purpose of the SIG-MO, we are to push forward the activities like exchanging and extending information and expertise, enhancing expertise through regular and irregular academic events, and promoting friendship, enhancing fellowship Korean scientists and engineers in the UK and Europe.

The scope of SIG-MO is offshore & marine technology, green shipping, subsea engineering and installation, offshore renewable energy, marine environment, geo-technology, safety and reliability, and naval defence.